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The Sick Romantic

Before I start, I would like to say thanks to all my readers, especially those who have left comments, liking my posts and even following my blog. It encourages me to continue blogging daily and it also ascribes some meaning to my insignificant existence. At least my words and photos have made someone pause for the a few seconds on the Internet. That truly means a lot to me. Thanks:))

Now, I’m aware that my skincare regime is pretty intense as compared to my peers. I believe anti-ageing prevention should start in one’s early 20s. Thus here’s my dressing table area:


Its actually filled with mainly haircare products as I do not switch between brands for skincare. I’ve only got one item for each type of skincare product, with the exception of essences. There are a few types of essences available in the market and I’m drawn to both whitening…

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Artistic Photoshoots

Matryoshka Fashion & Photography

There is so much demand in the photography sphere for beauty shots, fashion shots, and commercial images like those but what I love to do most is artistic imagery where imagination doesn’t have a boundary. I love to make the impossible possible with props, tricks and graphics. It makes me feel almost like a magician.

This post will cover my artistic journey into photography, from where I started to where I have reached now. And I would definitely appreciate comments on what you all think and which ones are your favorites.

2010 – The world is flat not round

2011 – BlindingSONY DSC

2011 – Bubble Seas

2011 – The Invasion

2012 – How To Fashionably Stick Out
2012 - How to fashionably stick out (2)2012 - How to fashionably stick out (3)

2012 – Mood Swings
2012 - MS Chic (2)2012 - MS Chic (4)

2013 – All That Glitters
Logo (8)Logo (2)

2013 – Floral Epiphany
MCedit (6)MCedit (2)

2013 – Denim Explosions

2013 – Aphrodisiac

2013 – Yuki Lovey Singer/Songwriter

2013 – Sugar Skull

And that’s a wrap! So…

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