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Matryoshka Fashion & Photography

There is so much demand in the photography sphere for beauty shots, fashion shots, and commercial images like those but what I love to do most is artistic imagery where imagination doesn’t have a boundary. I love to make the impossible possible with props, tricks and graphics. It makes me feel almost like a magician.

This post will cover my artistic journey into photography, from where I started to where I have reached now. And I would definitely appreciate comments on what you all think and which ones are your favorites.

2010 – The world is flat not round

2011 – BlindingSONY DSC

2011 – Bubble Seas

2011 – The Invasion

2012 – How To Fashionably Stick Out
2012 - How to fashionably stick out (2)2012 - How to fashionably stick out (3)

2012 – Mood Swings
2012 - MS Chic (2)2012 - MS Chic (4)

2013 – All That Glitters
Logo (8)Logo (2)

2013 – Floral Epiphany
MCedit (6)MCedit (2)

2013 – Denim Explosions

2013 – Aphrodisiac

2013 – Yuki Lovey Singer/Songwriter

2013 – Sugar Skull

And that’s a wrap! So…

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